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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Real Time Mobile Data - Mind Blowing

Here's a great little site that shows in real time mobile app and mobile web usage - every second, 24/7. Great to share with anyone client or agency side who still doubts the importance of leading with mobile. View Live Here

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's face it girls can't compete

This morning I was watching breakfast TV where I fleetly overheard the young lady announce that UK girls are one of most unhappiness in Europe, this announcement obviously drew my attention as you see I have 3 girls of my own. Under the screams each morning on who's got the hair straighter to the regular early morning door slams. (Fair play to the person who hung my doors as they are still on there hinges) Anyway I though this was all normal but the announcement from the presenter did get me thinking; are my girls happy? And if not why not? We went through it, you know growing up and all the pressure that came with it, but it’s now moved into a much more microscopic environment, thanks to social media platforms especially Instagram and Snapchat, the pressure to always'look pretty' or 'on flick' as my eldest says is never ending. But it doesn’t stop there, at school, there's pressure to be 'sporty'(As you see the boy's like this and if the boy's like you then the rest of the girls like you too) Mustn't have'puppy fat' but 'thigh gaps' are all collective acceptable. If the boy's don’t like you, then the girls take more selfies trying to gain more 'likes' and ‘heart-shapes’ while snapping away they're chasing that dream for perfection and acceptance. As a parent the whole thing gives me the shits and so says someone who works in the business! So you can see how I felt when this appeared later on that day:
This picture was created by cosmetic surgeon Dr De Silva which combines the nine most requested features in one 'perfect face, that appeared in today's (31st Aug 2016) Daily Mail I just shook my head and was raging (My daughter wanted to Snapchat me as she never seen my face so red) but god almighty what hope is there when this type of stuff is appearing? It's constant. So can I make one request to all media types please please stop publishing this tripe otherwise what hope have they got? I try to do my best as a dad and someone who works in the industry I avoid producing stuff like this. As we all know to try to be 'perfect' and chasing that continued dream, ends in unhappiness. It becomes a nightmare you only have to look at the rise in eating disorders and self-harming in the UK to see the damage we are creating. Let's start by helping our kids to face up to things in a more positive light, let's not compare but let's celebrate our kids being themselves. PLEASE.