Sunday, June 27, 2010

Curse them all- especially the ref

Something the boy's did at Bullseye after Australia was knocked out off the World Cup - we thought 'curse them all 'was very apt, as football fans we can all feel the pain when our beloved side gets beaten, the English are going through it right now, poor bastards (I think even some of the Aussies felt for me on that one or was that a wry smile from Rod in the corner?)

This type of work is a great tester for the creative department in that you have to work very quickly and the creative still has to be sharp, and from the digital side the collaboration between the creative and development is paramount.

Well done Rod (Liverpool) Brian (ManU) and Steve (West Ham) for their work and effort, shame England didn't deliver the same commitment.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why do everything in one agency

I was chatting to one of my team members and he asked the question: 'Give us your top ten reasons why you should have all your marketing budget in one agency' - I then remembered that I listed this about three year's ago to the same exact question, I still feel it true today, what do you reckon?

1. Cost efficient : No rework etc. – shoots can also incorporate online comms

2. Time saving: Saves time in account managers/project managers relaying and sending files to other vendors.

3. Minimal risk: Less FU’s(Fuck Ups) More vendors more likely work gets lost in translation, bad artwork, wrong picture supplied etc. Compared to been housed in one shop.

4. Relationships: Better internal comms between agency and client- know who’s doing what and when- build stronger working relationships.

5. Transparent: Offline and Online marketing directors are across all comms.

6. Synergy: Work is truly integrated rather than just ‘matching luggage’ and digital becomes more than just an afterthought.

7. Flexible: Turning around projects quicker- better equipped to do tactical campaigns.

8. Success: Fact – more integrated campaigns have proven time and time again they get the results compared to individual micro campaigns.

9. Less egos: Get straight to the point without harming anyone’s feelings- ‘tiptoeing usually results in stubbing your toe’. Kevin Ferry

10. It’s more fun

I'm interested to find out if you have any others reasons or do you disagree?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's all mapped out

Now I'm in training for the Blackmores Sydney Half and I have a couple of takers from client side willing to take me on my challenge I thought I would share via MapMyRun and RunnersPlus how my training is going, mainly an incentive to keep the training going and a bit of 'peacocking' to my competitors, now what have you got?

Warm and fluffy display ads

Real people in the real world as in digital world on the whole hate banner ads I think they're on a par of next doors dog craping on your doorstep especially when they are just blanket buys and have no real creative idea usually that's a good 80%, the other 20% are mostly on bannerblog or in OneShow so I'm not saying all but you get my point so imagine my pleasure when I came across this little idea where you replace your banners and turn everyday web browsing into donations that support green initiatives and movement for positive social change.The site is called Do Good I love this as it is appealing to my better nature and trying to save the world rather than save $1 on your next purchase. Since I downloaded the software I have clicked on nearly 20 different banner ads, and shock horror there's no hardsell and throbbing starbursts or type just a powerful targeted message that in most instances I want to find out more, I can't help myself but I know each time I click I'm helping someone else, it's a beautiful thing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Race a marketing director

Well it's that time again with the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival approaching and now is the time to get some mileage under your belt.

Just finished the Balmoral Burn last week my legs aren't exactly jumping with joy on another run at the moment but as all runners say; 'I have some time to the next one'.

Last year I ran the half in the event and it was great day yes I would say that as Blackmores are one of my clients but this is a must for anyone in Sydney at that time who wants to run a race - and what a race, with the bridge closed and finishing outside the Opera House, you can't get much better.

Anyway to my point as I ran last year live tweeting I wanted to do something different again this year and this idea popped into my head while running home the other night.


As Creative Director and having worked on a vast array of products and brands over the years from soft drinks to washing up liquid I have a bit of experience when it comes to coming up with ideas around marketing. SO get on with it Kev and stop blowing your own trumpet, your point is?

Well, I will give any marketing director a campaign idea for their brand or product IF they beat me in this year's Blackmores Sydney Half in September. Prove will be determined by the 'relive the glory' video that gets posted up after the event.

I will if beaten work and give you a timeframe on a campaign that I will scamp and show how it will work online via a site, social media, rich media and offline if you fancy, up for it? well post here your name and job title etc and confirmation of entry and let the challenge begin.

My best time for a half 1:17 and last year while tweeting ran 1:25

# No ringers will be acceptable only the marketing director can take the challenge also if I get nailed by say 50 MD's I will sit down and work through a timetable on delivery. (And yes this will be all done at weekends).

If I beat you then the only thing I ask would be a suitable donation to my surf club North Steyne Surf Club