Monday, November 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet

From TweetCloud this has been going around the net and it shows the most popular words you have used in this instance over the year some positive words would be interested to get this looked at by a psychoanalysis - loves running but always moaning about the kids perhaps - he uses running as a form of escapism.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Polar bear

First up please take into consideration this TV spot is pretty horrific and graphic – it’s from Mother in the UK and demonstrates the effects airline flying has on the environment. We all knew that but this ad shows graphically the impact; literally. It reminded me the first time I saw the ad from Greenpeace Anti Fur spot shot by David Bailey. it had a lasting effect on me in that I didn't think to much about some posh bird from Chelsea wearing a fur coat until I saw the ad, this ad really started the change in what people found acceptable. The idea from Mother could follow suit in that it may start the process of people seriously reconsidering how they travel and how that effects the planet we live in.

One thing I also think of when I see this is the attack on the twin towers, those horrendous images of people jumping, maybe that was intentionally I don't know.

What do you think are you over this kind of shock tactic?

Or would you take action?

Polar Bear from Plane Stupid on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

LA shoot

LA shoot
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Came across this after getting some pictures shipped over from the UK- this was a shoot I did for Ribena- Kevin Morris and Austin White are in the picture - notice the map of Australia above my head, maybe it was all laid out that I would one day work in Aus hey

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot new young creative joins Bullseye

This is my youngest called Anna she wants to be a creative- she's on her way as she has tantrums.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surf Manly Flickr Slideshow

I really like how Flickr allows you tag and share via their slideshow, you can embed the code so easily they really embrace social media and sharing content this is tagged #NSSLSC which is my Surf Club at North Steyne.


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I'm no photographer but I love this picture I took of Ella body surfing I really like the effect of the background almost like a layered cake, water, wash, water, washout

Monday, November 2, 2009

Interactive on the street

Came across this idea from a guy called Chris O'shea such a lovely idea, really simple but truly interactive, look at those everyday people interacting - how many times do you see creative work that agencies say is 'interactive' and in reality no one has the time or for that matter gives a toss?

This is different, simple and interactive and more importantly doesn't take itself too seriously, nice work fella.

Hand from Above from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The art of copy writing isn't dead

I was sent this ad by one of the creative's at Bullseye Digital I thought the art direction was wonderful and as an art director I can't help myself, I look at the art direction and how it is layed out or how the image was cropped, style of illustration etc. I usually read the main headline and then decide if I like or dislike the ad. This ad was different, in that I did something much more and to many people was a dying art; I read the copy, all of it, every last word of it. As you can mostly tell from reading this blog I'm no master when it comes to writing copy but when I read something that tells a story and takes me on that journey I say thank you even if I feel slightly depressed from reading ads like this that I didn't try harder at school.

DDB New Zealand
Toby Talbot (Executive Creative Director)
Mike Davison (Head of Art)
James Tucker (Art Director)
Simon Vicars (Copywriter)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walk back

Walk back
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After the race, time of 1:25 felt good in parts, great day out #bsrf09

Friday, September 18, 2009

Twitter vest for Blackmores

Here's my vest I'll be wearing on Sunday

Thursday, September 17, 2009


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This is what I'll have printed on my vest while running and live tweeting the Blackmores Half, really excited I better run well and not make an arse off myself can you imagine; had to stop and I've shit my pants, nice

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Irish rocket fuel

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I did the pub2pub this weekend great fun and Paula and Anna had a nice cold Guinness waiting for me at the end.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record and Hitler Reacts

This made me laugh so much yes I wet myself- what more can I say really

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes the dreaded blank piece of paper. The room now empty as the suits have briefed and discussed what the client needs. It’s just you and your marker pad staring back at you. Sitting opposite with the same blank expression is your partner and no matter how good the brief or the amount of work gone into preparing it, I still get that gut wrenching feeling every time, ‘Is this the one where I screw up and I don’t get that idea’?

Don’t be fooled, you might think looking at creative people as a collective that they have an air of confidence (or as a planner I once worked with politely put it ‘those arrogant little twats down the corridor’). Yes they are, but if they are worth their salt and talented, most will all inwardly be a gibberish wreck inside.
So what sets the best creative thinkers apart? Well, the good ones revert to child like behaviour (that doesn’t mean they throw creative tantrums and sulk), no it’s where they ask all those questions like my daughter does when we go for a drive; why is the sky blue? How does a car move? This is the start of the creative process; creative people ask lots of questions.
Once you uncover all those why’s and where’s around the brief then you can start creating some ideas. First I start by using a mind map, most will know what this is; but it’s where you circle a key word and from that think of words or images that are associated with it. It’s at this stage that you are still in the mode of asking questions but they become more a ‘what if’? This is a very important stage in getting that idea.

‘Be curious not cautious.’ It’s also a time where in the back of your mind deadlines loom, and negativity starts coming into play in your sub conscious and your train of thought becomes blurred. Usually this is where the panic sets in and the ideas stop flowing but you must keep doodling. To help you fire up your thinking start recalling of all the books and films you have ever seen, recap on stories you’ve read or your friends have told you.
This is where the legendary John Webster once said; ‘treat your brain like a library and store all those images and stories so when you need to you can start flicking through your library’. This must not be confused with looking at YouTube! This is usually done by lazy creative’s, so avoid at all costs this temptation; it can contaminate your thinking.
Also creative people never ‘switch off’. The mind is always thinking so put everything down on paper, scribble on whatever you can lay your hands on (I have scribbled ideas on my kid’s colouring-in book as I had an idea for a kid’s yogurt). It’s at this stage nothing is wrong, some of the best ideas have come from silly suggestions.
Don’t just sit at your desk, go for a walk. I used to know a creative in London who would ride the Circle Line on the tube to think of ideas. I much prefer to go for a run; I find it’s a great way to think without taxing the brain. I can relax and the ideas then begin to ‘pop’. Thoughts rain down inside my head and the heart pumps, I get that tingle down my spine and concepts start flowing.
So here’s the bit you really want:
• Think as a child would. As Pablo Picasso said;
‘It took me 30 years to draw like a child’.
• Don’t think about winning awards- 100% guaranteed to fail.
• Be curious not cautious – ask lots of questions.
• ‘Blinkers kill thinkers’ quote by me while writing this.
• Train your brain to store information like a library.
• Read more books- Guinness ‘Surfer’ came from Lord of the Rings.
• Avoid YouTube– real people have done it better and you’ll come out badly.
• Look at award books- but see what else you could have done better.
• It’s healthy to fear the blank piece of paper- so enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baa Baa HELP! Baa Baa

Passed my Bronze for Life Saving and my first rescue was a....sheep lovely Dee Murphy wrote this piece about the poor sheep who needed a surf rescue.

Sheep Rescue

Unnamed Government sources released a statement today in relation to the concerns raised over a covert operation in the locality of Stroud over the weekend.

It was made known that a rogue agent only known as “The Mosselly” defected to the other side was seen in hot pursuit, chasing silent operatives across hostile territory onto an remote island where the operative only known as “the sheep “ was stranded. Details remain rather woolly at this time.

Above picture illegally obtained said to be “The Mosselly”

It has been reported that a crack team under the leadership of Commander Kevin (no last names issued for security reasons) launched a covert rescue operation known as “Sheep Rescue ”.

The hand picked elite team assembled in the early hours of Sunday morning for a lengthy breakfast sorry briefing before the dangerous and daring rescue could take place.
Specialist equipment was brought in under the secrecy of night and taken from the barn in the early hours.

The elite special ops team headed off in to the wilderness under the guidance of Commander Kev .
It is also known that several undercover operatives came to assist one known as “The Buddy” or “The Sweeper” .The former code name due to his superficial attachments to anyone who will feed him.
““The Sweeper” kept the team safe by his constant surveillance during the dangerous time .As communication was on silent so not to cause distress to the agent being rescued.
As Commander Kev directed his team further coverts were activated from the field .It appears they came out of no where to offer support. They looked a lot like horses in blue jackets but I was informed by the unnamed source that these agents had been in deep undercover for sometime and are a crack squad whom are known to blend well with the scenery.
One was seen conversing with Major Beale at some length. They disappeared shortly after that.
Commander Kev and his specialty equipment was launched into icy, deathly waters with little concern for his own safety (watched closely by his loyal team) swam with gusto to rescue the stranded agent now known as only ewe”.

She was promptly lead to safety by the rest of the team for a debrief.
Brave Commander Kev who has been nominated for the Victoria Cross for his heroic efforts lead his team back to base for a debrief and celebratory drink. Which I believed carried on long into the night.

“ Ewe ” was unavailable for comment and I am informed has gone back to covert duties.
The rogue agent has since been decommissioned and returned to headquarters somewhere in Sydney.

An unnamed source deep within the Commanders camp has made serious allegations that “the Ewe:” was pregnant and Commander Kev was the father. He had informed his wife he was going on long recon missions and runs but has been rendezvousing with this agent “the Mossley”knew about it and was jealous hence the altercation.
Commander Kev wife did not want to comment but stated she had noticed some of her best underwear was missing and there were credit card statement for several 5* hotels , the finest French champagne and plates of very expensive grass.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TwoKevs shooting in SA

TwoKevs shooting in SA
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The boy still makes me laugh the Posh one with the cheap gags and aftershave

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spot the difference

Now this ad was done about 6 years ago for the Halifax Building Society I remember clearly(he was looking very smug) my then copywriter Kevin Morris (Posh Kev) picking up loads of awards for best copy at many international awards from One Show to Creative Circle so when I was running pass this poster on the Sydney Road I thought the ad was running over here, but alas no it's for the ING and instead of a silver haired old boy we have a ginger haired Scots man in Billy Connelly.

I'm bias but like most things I prefer the original, the gag was new then and the art direction was much cleaner.


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Eveytime I look at this I get a rush of calmness, wonderful how pictures like this can be so powerful.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So funny I had tears in my eyes

I watched this and as I was watching it I was laughing out loud to the point I had tears running down my cheek it then turned to real tears as all to many of us know this is exactly how some clients behave, they ask for everything but have only so much money to spend.

We can all work within tiny budgets if you are a good creative thinker you can get some great work done and to stand out the client has to be brave (Some of my most successful campaigns have been on a tight budget) but the difference between a good client and a bad one; the good client is realistic on what can be achieved and up front on the budget.

Everyone is happy and no tears before bedtime.

Quick question are you finding this is happening more during a recession or are clients more up front about the budget?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From Flickr

KF surf
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New from Flickr where you can link your pictures via Flickr to Twitter, smart.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Where do all those ideas come from?

I did a presentation a few months back on how to think about coming up with ideas, it has been viewed and faved by a few people mostly teachers and lecturers for their students, I thought it was worth posting on here for you to have a look, it might kick start your thinking. Relax and enjoy the creative thinking process, think like a child again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blackmores Showcase

My apologizes for not putting up more posts recently but I've been in training for my Bronze so the blog has looked a bit dusty of late, but here’s something that should blow the cobwebs away and get the old faithful magic marker squeaking with delight.

It’s a showcase of the work Bullseye have produced for Blackmores over the years a lot of the work is fairly recent, but looking at all the work as a montage it clearly demonstrates to me that if you have a good working relationship with your client then you’ll get the results that you and the client set out to achieve- in this instance; strong digital creative work that builds on Blackmores as the #1 health and wellbeing community site in Australia.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Slo Mo My God

HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel the first shots of their kind ever recorded.

Such beauty and as I watched it the piece reminded me about advertising and coming up with ideas, it's all about timing and pure persistence capturing that moment on film to commuicate the idea, visually this is stunning,the camera positioned underwater where you see the surf board cut through the water and that closing frame, wonderful.

Very much like the Guinness surfer ad from AMV - The best things come to those who wait.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Big Pond site for kids big and small

Here's a brand spanking new site we at Bullseye have just designed, it was a really great project, won the pitch, and the whole project was very smooth, the site was actually tested by my three girl's when we were building it they loved the interactions around the Big Pond World.

If your kid's say they like it then you know you're on the right track. Chin chin

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sink or Swim in Social Media

There has been a great deal of excitement in the industry surrounding the escalation of social media, yet many marketers are not yet tapping into the wealth of opportunity this phenomenon presents them with.

A large concern facing marketers about including social media in their online marketing plan is their ability to protect their brand. These are viable concerns, however reluctance to participate is likely to result in lost opportunities, particularly as the range of social media tools continue to grow. Social media may involve a higher level of risk than other media, but soon the opposite will be the reality. Not acting will result in significant losses and damage to your reputation. The online public speak regardless of whether or not you are involved in the conversation. What are they saying right now about you or your competitors?

How can the effectiveness of utilising social media for marketing purposes be maximised, while also minimising risk? Here are five key steps in achieving this aim:

· Participate in the conversation

· Use the web as a research tool

· Generate ambassadors

· Show your brand’s true personality

· Stop shouting, start listening

Brands that are winning in this space are doing so because they have adapted themselves to address the above points. It is widely accepted that word of mouth marketing is the most effective promotion method and social media gives you an unmatched opportunity to leverage WOM to your advantage. There is no doubt that this adaptation involves a large investment of time in the first instance, but what other marketing medium promotes an interactive conversation about your brand?

Developing your ‘online footprint’

According to many industry professionals, traditional media and related methods will no longer generate awareness or action. Marketers need to develop an appealing point of difference by using social media tools to remain at the cutting edge. The following steps give a practical approach to developing your online footprint.

Step 1: Subscribe your company to the following online services. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use them all immediately, but it is important to get a general understanding.

* Facebook
* Myspace
* LinkedIn
* Twitter
* Digg
* Technorati
* Feedburner
* GoogleAnalytics
* YouTube
* Flickr
* Wikipedia entry
* Slideshare
* Vimto

Step 2: Experience new media tools for yourself and build your staff’s capabilities. Utilise the cost effectiveness of new media to promote your business, particularly in economically strenuous times such as these. To achieve success, you have to understand that motive matters, these tools need to be used with integrity including declarations of interest. Several brands have suffered the consequences of trying to deceive the online public.

You must also be consistent in order to be effective. The web is constantly moving and changing so you must ensure you’re up-to-date to remain relevant.

Step 3: Create a company blog, specific to your target audience. Provide useful information and resources. This is a great opportunity to build relationships and trust with your customers.

Step 4: It is important to resist the urge to pull down negative comments. Instead, use this conversation as a way to resolve their disaffection. Many companies use social media as a research tool as the comments they generate offer valuable feedback and act as an indicator of what is happening offline. Your customers and prospective customers will hold your brand in much higher esteem if they feel you are genuinely interested in their ideas and opinions.

In instances where it is required, it is pertinent to have a plan ready to address significant PR issues. Staff should be briefed on how to issue a quick and professional response. (Don’t repeat Irish budget airline Ryanair’s situation where one of their staff called a customer a ‘liar and idiot’ on the company blog).

Step 5: Continue expanding your brand’s online footprint using other media tools such as eNewsletters, online surveys/polls, PR, presentations (SlideShare), downloadable whitepapers, PPC (AdWords), Ebooks and article marketing (EzineArticles). Webinars are also becoming a very useful tool to reach a global market. Sharing content has a positive impact and increases the reach of the organisation.

There is no better opportunity when your competitors are cutting back than having a strong presence online. Generally it comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional media and can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Find a savvy online partner

So, you have all this in place. Your staff are Twittering away about new product launches and you have a thousand friends on Facebook, but what about finding a digital partner who can bring your vision to life and enhance your online strategy?

For marketers just moving into the space, here’s a top 10 check list of credentials for a savvy digital agency.

Your digital partner should:

1. understand that digital goes beyond your browser

2. encourage more use of “pull interactions”

3. leverage virtual communities

4. use the technology they are recommending

5. have the technical expertise to bring their thinking to life

6. be Web 2.0 and social media savvy

7. understand consumer behaviour

8. demonstrate strategic thinking

9. have branding and creative capabilities

10. be able to measure success

To sum up, all marketers have that fear factor of ‘losing control of their brand’ but once you understand the space and have all the above in place, this will subside. With the help and support of an online partner and a solid online strategy campaign in place, all you have to do is step forward and join the conversation.

In the spirit of social media I will love to hear from you or have you comment on this conversation.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life in pictures

As you know from my posts I love pictures and one of my favourites has always been Life magazine I have copies back in the UK that as an art director always turned to for inspiration, the site is still in Beta but just going through the images I get tingles down my spine, wonderful stuff, enjoy.

Shock, horror the client has had a good idea

I.T horror stories yes we've all had them and for some reason in my case becoming more common, this is a small project we did for Hitachi and it is such a good idea , sadly it wasn't my idea it was the clients!! bloody hell firstly should I admit that? and secondly should I ever listen to ideas from a client? the answer without doubt is yes and yes, as I said the end goal must always be at the benefit of the customer, no egos must get in the way, it has taken experience and confidence to except that ideas can come from any where I hope you like the idea as much as me, thank you Tim Smith

Here’s how the idea works: The site is designed to appeal to IT Managers who have an IT Horror story to share, (you might be one or know of one) the best horror story will be hand drawn in comic fashion by award winning artist Katie Houghton-Ward which will be signed and framed the site also has access to over 20 data recovery downloads. The site will take information and contact details from those who register, for Hitachi to turn into sales leads. At the end of the campaign the client will be able to tell what problems each user is experiencing in their workplace, and from the whitepapers they download they can tell what issues they are most interested in finding a solution too. Very clever and immersive communication.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bang! Behavioural Targeting

I always knew behavioural targeting advertising works, why? because all the best work that has had the best response either through buying a product or getting a quote has come from ads I have done that is target specific, the last two campaigns for Blackmores and ANZ credit cards, the response rate was nearly 3 times higher than the average and it's a much more cost effective approach than the standard approach of 'spray and pray' which I personally hate.

One thing that was interesting was that targeted groups were willing to have their browsing history monitored so long as no personal details were stored.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Creative Revolution?

Read a blog on a new start up agency in the UK called The Creative Orchestra yes yet another company banging on about a new way of working with some bullshit bingo terminology we've heard numerous times before but, hang on a second; this outfit might be onto something and to start it up during a recession, only the brave or very stupid would venture to do this, me? I reckon it's the brave and I think it’s also a very wise move on their part, here's why it will work:

• Its aim is to change the way that creative’s are rewarded for their work as well as to bring on a new generation of diverse talent. (Agencies still give away one of their prize commodities, ideas at a drop of a hat.

• It will take on briefs across advertising, branding, design, digital and new product development from commercial and public sector clients and agencies but will not take part in pitches or give ideas away for free to commercial organisations, which it says devalues talent. (See above, how many times do we see companies just 'fishing'? usually for the agency it becomes a very expensive fishing trip).

• Rather than billing clients by time it will charge either by selling ideas in response to a brief or licensing its own ideas. Neat, clients do licensing deals on music, photography, illustration and models so why not for the advertising idea?

• In a recession this model will work as it stream lines the process of the idea to the client.

The founder Chris Arnold believes that Creative Orchestra will become one of the most important sources of new creative talent for the marketing industry within three years.

All well and good but the true test will be how to harness that creative passion and drive around a business model that will flourish for a client and the agency, now that's harmony.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holey Moley

I came across this site over the weekend it's a collective of over 2,300 photos of Moleskine sketchbooks that are participating in The Sketchbook Project, WOW! I love to see people's work and talent, especially when it's all in the one location. I was only just casually surfing and I ended up being on the site for nearly two hours, 'just one page' I kept saying to myself. The work was great and everyone had their own unique style from pen and ink to watecolour. I did wonder though that the project should have encouraged a lot more conversation between the viewer and the site itself, for example; an ability to rate drawings would be useful or even have a sketch face off between artists, sketch and upload your drawing then another artist has to follow on from there, you could have a whole Moleskine collection of sketch books that could be reprinted and sold. Ahhhh the trusted Moleskine sketchbook unlike my Visa card at the moment 'I never leave home without it' and not only that, everyone knows carrying a Moleskine sketchbook around also has that air of coolness, not that anyone says that but we all know baby.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Research but not as we know it Jim

Came across this the other day, Sodahead which I thought was really good way to reach real people in a way that is against the more traditional and sterile way ideas are judged, the dreaded 6 house wife's from Slough method where you sit behind a two way mirror and see if they like your idea or in most cases not all. They yabber on while sipping free cheap wine all supplied by the research house, don’t get me wrong I love gaining knowledge and understanding what people think but I found this site a better a gauge on what people really think regarding everything from their health to what they think of a particular brand, I’m hooked on this site, reading the responses is shall we say...very insightful.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sex and animals you can't go wrong really.Client: Wellington Zoos

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Icons come to life

I came across this which I just had to share, I love the concept of when something that is so recognizable and iconic as a pedestrian sign ‘man or woman’ comes to life. This project was created by New York artist and costume designer Yvette Helin called the Pedestrian Project which consists of performers wearing entirely black custom- made costumes they’re then put in everyday real situations like shopping or waiting for a bus, the fact they are real and on the street they have a very surreal feel about them, a great simple idea that has a lot of impact. I always knew growing up those signs were watching me as I crossed the road.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Therapy blogging

Yes I think that’s what it is or could it be more, ‘venting your spleen?’ I’ve noticed so many creative’s out in blog-sphere who are really not happy bunnies, moaning about clients, doing ‘shit work’ there’s open warfare between ATL and BTL yes more adland acronyms but for those who don’t know it means: ‘Above The Line’ and ‘Below The Line’ the first been TV and the latter been all the crap that gets shoved through your door (Where digital sits I’m not sure but most of the digital creative guys and gals are commenting on how sad it is to hear about Steve Jobs health but apart from that everything else is so wonderful in TwitterLand.

But reading some of these blogs I do reckon it’s a great way to let of steam and get like minded creative people to agree and fuel the fire that’s raging in their heads, I suppose it's better than the old fashion way of smacking the suit. (Is there an online game for 'Smack the suit' who doesn't sell an idea?) oh it’s so wonderful that we are all sharing the love apart from the ATL and BTL mob but look at what Crispin Porter have gone and done, 'Dump 10 of your mates from Facebook for a BK Whopper', even they’re trying to get the digital scene to turn nasty, right who wants a fight?

AIMIA finalist

I find it amazing what can happen in a day, the up's and down's of modern life, it's a bit like running in Sydney, I've just found out that work we did at Bullseye has been shortlisted at AMIA which is great news the bad news for me is; I had my mountain bike stolen this morning. So it looks like I'll be doing a few my Blackmores challenges on my feet rather than on the bike for a while. I was also at a cracking conference over the last two day's with the Bullseye team which was hosted by Bruce Rasmussen but more on that later.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Marketing tricks

We all know the marketing tricks as marketing directors and advertising agencies but in this day and age so does our customers! for some marketeers this can be a good thing for others it's definitely a bad thing. A casing in point; in this weekend’s news I read Coles getting in hot water on their ‘tick’ for their ‘Smart Buy’ campaign you'll notice if you shop in Coles they have this plastered all over their own label brands, no bad thing you may say but their products are bad as in full of rubbish, their 'tick' mirrored the tick of approval from The Heart Foundation, so in effect giving the impression its product was improved by the Heart Foundation, sneaky and look at the backlash Coles are now getting from health groups and their customers, maybe the campaign should now be called ‘Not a Smart Move’ campaign?

Which gets me onto cars, the principles remain the same, here’s a product truth I’ve found as a customer visiting the microsite from Toyota Yaris 'It’s clever enough to be almost anything' is the line well not quite, your site is broken!! the interior tab freezes each time I roll over so what does that say to me about the car?

Over promising or not fulfilling your level of service after you’ve bought the car or looking for a car, is something that as a customer can really make you angry and now with the digital channel you can vent that anger via FaceBook and Co.
Product truths in advertising which is executed in a creative way that really hammers home the message is still the key, take for instance a campaign I did for VW in the UK:
They built their customer loyalty around ‘Reliability’ I knew this truth from working on the account and I owed one.
I knew it was reliable from starting first time in those cold winter nights and their customer service was exceptional (They once gave my then girlfriend a spare VW while her old Ford Escort was getting repaired).
So I was never disappointed and guess what? the following year I had two VW’s, a new one for the wife and with me still driving the same reliable VW.
One thing can be guaranteed as a customer I won't be buying a Toyota Yaris or shopping in Coles if that's their customer experience.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Social games

Games they're all the rage and not only for fat kids sitting in front of computers they've now games out there for fat adults sitting in front of computers all day, (why they can't get out and play real golf to get fit is beyond me) but these types of games have become very addictive and even have a cult following among players, my personal favourite is the brain teasers.