Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Electrolux Design Awards Great Ideas

Yanko The 30 Shortlisted Entries for the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab have now been narrowed to the Top Ten Finalists. Each of these ten designers will be invited to Milan, to showcase and present their design concept in front of a select Jury. The event will be telecast live online and Yanko Design will be in Milan to capture the excitement for you. This is the first time that ten designers, instead of the usual eight finalists are being invited.

Finals On: October 25, 2012

Memory by WenYao Cai

Memory is a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person.

SmartPlate by Julian Caraulani

SmartPlate is the world’s first intelligent dish that physically understands food and transforms it into sound, completing the circle of senses by which we understand what we eat.

Tastee by Christopher Holm-Hansen

The Electrolux Tastee is a taste indicator that is used when cooking to assist the chef in bringing out the flavours in the meal.

Mo’Shere by Yunuén Hernández

Mo’Sphere allows the user to experiment with and experience new flavours and sensations through the exciting world of “molecular cooking”.

Impress by Ben de la Roche

Impress is a refrigeration wall that holds your food and drinks for you, out in the open and not behind closed doors so you will always remember the lunch you prepared for work or find that midnight snack with ease.

Treat by Amy Mon-Chu Liu

The Treat seamlessly combines classic food storage techniques, such as vacuum sealing, with modern remote, mobile technology for the perfect combination of freshness and convenience that is more important than ever in our increasingly busy lives.

Easy Stir by Lisa Frodadottir Låstad

By utilising magnets that react to your induction stove the Easystir will literally save you time and money by never needing to be charged, batteries replaced or plugged into a wall socket.

Spummy by Alexandre de Bastiani

The Spummy is the future of flavor creation. Using nano-technology the Spummy creates edible foam with any flavour or combination of flavours you can imagine.

Aeroball by Jan Ankiersztajn

The Aeroball is a revolutionary way to improve the spaces in which we live. In tiny bubbles that float and hover, the Aeroball cleans and filters the air while hovering in place.

Ice by Julen Pejenaute

ICE can not only be used as basic lamp with adjustable brightness or colour to fit the mood of any dining occasion.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Smart Phone Smart idea

I had this idea while teaching my youngest how to ride her bike, the thought of how in the event of an accident could I reach the emergency services even quicker. I thought there must be an idea especially with smartphones in geo-location and mobile sensors etc. I then came across this from ICEdot.

ICEdot have recently collaborated with SenseTech LLC to develop an innovative helmet-mounted impact sensor. How it works is it comes as a yellow slim device that resembles a sticker when paired with the ICEdot app on a smart phone, the system is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts.

In the event of an impact, the device sends critical data to the app which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown. Unless the countdown clock is stopped, the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send GPS coordinates of the incident so that appropriate follow up actions can be taken.

A very smart idea and something that could be a lifesaver. The whole project is still in development and like everything I'm sure has some things to iron out but I do hope this idea comes to fruition personally having lost one very good friend in a bike accident and two who were seriously injured in London.

Maybe one day with technology and innovation like this we'll hopefully reduce the number of cyclists been killed on our roads.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cube laser virtual keyboard

Like this, useful and beautifully designed - all you want as a paying customer.


This made me laugh out loud - sometimes in this business we over complicate things, simple and straight to the point, advertising at its best.

Friday, September 7, 2012

What's your point of view?

This is bloody amazing, by using the one point perspective how one of the legends in film makes his films look so stunning and dramatic.