Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love this

I saw this and I thought it was wonderful called "Digital Orca" a sculpture in Vancouver by Douglas Coupland. To the viewer simple yet playful and all things combined that I love; art, digital, and killer whales

Thursday, July 8, 2010

End of the road for digital

I read this last week and I found it fascinating and have replayed this question many times on my long runs home and it's a question that Martin Bailie head of planning at glue Isobar put in a intro to a whitepaper he has written he states: 'we wondered what would happen if we banned people from talking about "digital", "social", "viral", "mobile", "ATL", "BTL" and "TTL". As an exercise, it's revealing. What do you sell to clients? What do they buy? What do you "make"? What do planners talk about all day? Well I know, lots of people would be scratching their heads from agency folk to marketing departments on how to communicate to people in the real world.Like the picture I reckon they would turn green and turn all spooky. Many seem to forget that these channels are just that, channels or platforms to reach people. they are not the execution and I agree with much of what Martin said. A thought; next time you pitch an idea - decide on the channel once you get the idea. Ooooh! I'm turning green, I feel dizzy.
The full article is here