Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CNN launches data visualisation tool

CNN launches data visualisation tool

This is really pretty cool. CNN has launched a great Twitter data visualization tool called ‘Ecosphere’ in support of the COP17 climate change conference in Durban, which starts this week.

The site picks up every tweet tagged with the #COP17 hashtag and uses them to stimulate growth in a plant or tree in the Ecosphere that represents a certain topic, such as sustainability.

The Ecosphere constantly listens to the global conversation on Twitter and every new tweet tagged with hashtag #COP17 is brought into the
environment, scanned for keywords and then grouped with similar contributions, connecting input from around the world, and building conversations within the dynamic environment.

It produces a lush 3D environment that allows you to explore, view content up close or zoom out to observe the visualisation as a whole. It is beautifully distracting.

The Ecosphere will culminate in Durban with an installation piece at the COP17 Conference that renders this globe as a 3D holographic image.

Lovely work and it looks stunning

Mirror Mirror

The Magic Mirror [nytlabs.com], developed by The New York Times Research & Development Lab has just been selected as one of Time's "50 Best Inventions" of 2011. It is probably the best gadget to fullfil those urgent craves from the data addicted, during those few moments they cannot reach their smart phones. This is very neat but if you want to know what the weather is like outside surely you'd look out the bloody window:) seriously though this has great potential especially from a health perspective.

At first sight, the mirror looks like any normal plain, reflective surface. However, next to showing one's reflection, this mirror is also able to deliver daily news and weather details while brushing your teeth or combing your hair. It combines a Philips Mirror TV with a Microsoft Kinect camera to allow you to access all sorts of information while admiring your own reflection. For instance, the mirror can check one's daily calendar and social feeds, and displays all sorts of statistics regarding one's health, including historical sleep patterns or walking activity.