Monday, April 30, 2012

Kraft very much Likey

Now here's a nice simple idea that me likey very much, I like when brands reward people for their interaction it's much warmer and you like the brand even more. Kraft asked fans to “LIKE this post” and told them that they “never know what may happen”. Almost 5,000 took a punt and liked the post and in return Kraft said thank you with the aid of The YellowJackets a capella group. They called it “Likeappella – Mac & cheese likes you back”. The brand posted the video in a follow-up post: “We LOVE it when you LIKE our posts. So we’re showing you some love back with a song personalized for you, our fans.” Nice work Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Like it alot, enough of the like gags.

Cool Tool for Social Media Monitoring

Whether you want to do research on a current topic or track a future event, Hash Tracking is your tool to do it. Let’s say you are going to Blog World. Simply enter the hash tag and Hash Tracking will start tracking as the conversation with that hash tag starts. But you can also run custom reports on hash tags, like “networking”:
With the data reports you can see who is using that tag, total tweet impressions and reach, total tweets and a complete transcript of all tweets. Who should use Hash Tracking and why: This is another great tool for the marketing professional who wants to gather information in tweets and links from the social web on a particular topic, who the influencers in that topic are and seeing the reach for that topic. Insights might lead you to plan where you will focus your social campaigns.