Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Beautifully Sad

These ads from Refuge have been popping up in my feed over the last week or so, you would have thought this type of behaviour from men would have been a thing of the past, but sadly if anything it's on the increase :( but this is wonderful work from a creative perspective to the work they do in supporting women in abusive relationships. Very well written and art directed. #HatTip to work like this McCann Bristol.

Poor Marketing By Tiffany's

I saw this on my feed and it struck me as to why this object made me feel sad? It made me sad for the world we live in where 500,000 kids in the UK leave home for school without a breakfast or where 4.5 million kids are living below the poverty line in the UK, terrible statistics in the modern age. So what has that got to do with a silver can? For many people it's a daily struggle just to put food on the table, and I remember a stat when the country goes into a recession the biggest selling items are cans of beer and baked beans. This silver can reminded me of a baked bean can but this one is priced at 945 pounds. When I was an art student, a 20p can of beans went a long way, beans on toast, the next day, jacket potato and beans, it was and sure still is the stable diet for many students and working class families up and down the country. So for many this everyday object is an object of existing rather than seen as an object of luxury. People need to be reminded that even if they have wealth there's a lot of people who haven't and showing some form of empathy and compassion is required not rubbing their faces in it by wearing stuff like this. Peace and goodwill to you all, especially this time of year

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Creativity DeConstructed

Constructvism and disequilibrium I discovered this and I really thought it was gold and worth sharring in gaining undertsanding when it comes to the creative process or the journey we as creatives we have to go through. I agree withthe post in to get the best work you have to go as I call it; the 'dark zone' where there's confusion and unease. And if you look at the theory of learning in Constructvism, it's about experiences of what we have gone through that makes us who we are and how we decode things. I love this graph that shows the process and the feelings we feel duriing the creative process. Disequilibrim should be embraced no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Love this, sums it up.

Sharing Creativity and Thinking

As a Creative Director with over 25 year's experience 18 years of that in pure play digital agencies one thing has taught me is that we all need mentors or teachers, even after all these years you can never stop learning, that is why I took my teaching degree at Falmouth University recently, spending long nights for over 26 weeks including weekends, all of this was online and while I was doing my day job. It was extremely hard and I now have a real appreciation for students currently studying, they get a bad rap sometimes and for the most part unfairly. One thing that taking this course has taught me is that you need people to talk and share your thoughts, collaboration is key to any form of working relationship either in the office or in the student halls, you need that interaction. Even though the course was all online, the platform we had gave us the opportunity to talk via forums and through weekly Hangouts, I didn't feel isolated far from it. I did however have one mentor behind the scenes a colleague I had worked with when I first started in advertising, the lovely Gail Parameter she's now a lecturer herself and I relied on her a lot, especially when it got a bit wobbly, tight deadlines, papers to write and lead pitches in my day job. So all students out there young or old, a word of wisdom find your mentor(s) we all need them from time to time. Have a great weekend.