Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mind Boggling Content Stats Posted By The Second

The Internet In Real Time

From Visually.

It amazes how far the industry has come for instance our smartphone is millions of times more powerful that all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969, and those boy's got man on the moon! I'm sure you've seen all the info-graphics and how many videos are uploaded on YouTube by the second or how many tweets are sent during the Super Bowl, but as marketeers I think we gloss over these stats as just stats and think WOW and carry-on with adding to the stats But most marketers as in 99.9% of them are going wrong, and wasting marketing budgets by piling them onto the collective social media pyre, because most people don't care, people aren't interested in 'connecting' or 'engaging' you're a bloody washing-up powder or a chewing gum. Wake-up, sit down and think about the dross you are spewing out, just look at this live feed, it's crazy just some of those numbers are just crazy just one example; 'there has been a 1.13 trillion likes pressed since the feature was launched on Facebook' Most branded stuff goes unnoticed, we're just noise, I think the time has come for many brands to rethink their strategy on social media and ask some basic questions like why? how? and what's our longterm outcome? If your response to those questions is 'engaging' then please go and sit in the corner. Ask yourself what does that really mean? For me it's ultimately doing something entertaining, surprising, or worthwhile, all three and you just might even have a 'viral' on your hands I think if more marketeers really thought like this then perhaps they might start increasing that 1% of brands who are doing it right. Otherwise we carry on just been another number and a 'scroll by'

Music Re-imagined

Once in a while, a game-changer comes along, this piece is one of those - well it's not a piece but more a block. How it works; BLOCKS is a modular music studio that lets anyone shape music. Build your instrument as you go and customize a kit, brilliant game changing to creating original music. A mighty hat tip to the team at ROLI pushing innovation, interaction and creativity

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some problem solvers create even more problems

Sometimes as problem solvers we get wrapped up in our own little world. It could be; over indulgence with a design, we make it way too complicated for the customer to know where to look. Sometimes we're tired, maybe out the night before drinking, and thinking that maybe that last shot should have been the last shot, so you cut corners. Whatever the reason as problem solvers we aren't important, neither is our own little world, what is important is our customers and the challenge they face. Take this example they must have had all massive hangovers surely this can be the only reason. They didn't think about their customer whatsoever, do you really think that your customer is just going to sit their while their mouse charges? The end solution should always be seen through the eyes of the end customer. Problem solved, maybe they could have designed a re-chargeable mouse mat so they could carry on working.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

When a problem becomes the solution

This is just amazing - now here are two inspiring young ladies, they are engineering graduates from the Islamic University of Gaza and they have defied all stereotypes with their design of an affordable new building block made from the rubble of war, and they're about to scale operations for mass production. Subverting a crippling Israeli blockade that makes importing construction materials a demeaning, expensive, and time-consuming process, Majd Mashharawi and Rawan Abddllaht overcame a litany of obstacles to develop their green bricks. Their goal is to help Gaza residents rebuild their homes after three wars in 10 years have left thousands of buildings in ruins. Brilliant beating men at their own game.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fashion Tech Innovation

BOLT from Thomas Kool Creations on Vimeo.

Bolt is a jacket that lets people carry and charge their various electronics without the need for an outlet Thanks to Amsterdam-based designer Thomas Kool, the Bolt collection merges fashion and function by providing a stylish parka that lets users charge their devices inside the pockets. Apart from the skinny jeans I think this Parka is very Kool

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This 360-treadmill is the future of virtual reality gaming

Love this - if it means getting the kids of the couch when it comes to gaming this has now gone to the next level.VUE VR Treadmill is a first-of-its-kind active virtual reality motion platform in which your actions in the virtual world are controlled by first-person navigation like walking ,running, creating an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced with sitting down. VUE VR Treadmill lets you walk, run, sit and crouch with 360-degree freedom of movement allowing you to control your avatar without restraints.

Customers With Even More Power

Interesting to see how yet again more evidence that the customer is taking ownership and more control from brands, I love this idea as you can see where the clothes and products you are buying are sound ethically, this is something I have always struggled with when shopping offline or online - in do we really know how a product has been manufactured? Well now you can thanks to co founders of DoneGood Cullen Schwarz and Scott Jacobson who developed this chrome extension
As you browse, DoneGood will tell you that there's a better option that fits your buying criteria, like a union factory or a woman-owned company. A Google search for "men's dress shirts" yields a list of ads and results from the most expected brands. But if you install a new Chrome extension called DoneGood, you'll also get a lesser-known suggestion: 'Tuckerman, a startup that makes organic cotton shirts in a union factory in Massachusetts'. This approach really benefits the SME businesses who are making products of high quality and managed correctly in treating their staff etc. In this instance the company DoneGood, very clever and something that is really useful for shoppers, I love the fact that the internet gives the power to the customer and can dictate where they spend their money, brands who think they can hide with sub standard working practises will eventually get found out.