Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Draw a gasp of creative delight

Certain things pop in your feed ever so often that grab your attention and stir those creative juices, this is just one. This is a belter and I would love to demo this on my wall at home. Mind you; I'm not how the kids will react considering when they were very small I used to tell them not to draw on the walls but not with standing that this mesmerising gadget can draw any image on a vertical surface - instantly turning walls into art. The Scribit is a small 'writing robot' that is installed using just two nails and a suspending cable. Using a smartphone app, it can then be instructed to draw anything from an elaborate artwork to reproducing Twitter messages. This I would say would be the must have gadget for any artistic geek.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Nike dope ad

Coming from London as the right side of London as in East London, I saw this piece from Nike and just was literally knocked out by it's creativity, a knock out in one hit, bang! I saw it coming as it's from Nike as they always set the creative bar very high, but this still caught me off guard, I tried to duck and dive and cynically gave a dig back, especially when they mentioned anything about Sarf London or as we West Ham fans say, 'Cowboy country' but it was in vein, my heart pumped with pride coming from a city that has produced some of the greatest sports people this country has ever produced. It hit me with how well it was shot, the cast, the writing and the insight itself, one punch is all it took and when I came round, dizzy and confused it dawned on me as I thought; yes they talk of the good old days when advertising was at it's peak around the 80's early 90's; the heavyweight champions as in Dambusters- Carling, Guinness- Surfer and Parklife- Nike, but this one is the real thing and a contender of best of this year. Now I need to get back in there and get training and see if I can match and take it on in terms of creativity and originality. Hat tip Nike and W&K London, stellar work, you gave the ad industry a fat lip, which is a good thing as it really needed it.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Marketing Murmur #7 Mind Boggling Alibaba Stats

Keep saying that all departments from within agencies and companies have to come together as one; yes that includes marketing bods meeting IT geeks. Only then can we really have joined up customer experiences. We need to get that infrastructure in place with people working and talking as one. For many in agencies and even clients, dismiss eCommerce as it doesn't fall under their remit so it then takes a back seat when it comes to any form of connected marketing. It must be at the centre of any comms as it's central to the customer interaction from searching through to buying. Just hearing Alibaba's Single's Day on how much was spent on their platforms, is truly staggering.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

If You Want Change Start At The Top

This is #MarketingMurmur 6 vodcast, Some views on the #Shesays event I attended at Karmarama the other night. Hearing the panels horror stories, it struck me how unbelievable rude some clients and agency people behave. Appalling in their demands and bullying emotionally and physically. It's rife in our industry and we do nothing, shame on the management within agencies who allow clients to treat agency staff in this way. Sadly ares holes are at the top regardless of their gender. Most agencies eventually fire clients only when the business is about to leave or they can't make anymore money from it, they then say we did it as they were treating our team badly. The sad truth is; talented people leave the business because of these attitudes. Interested to hear your thoughts and your horror stories and maybe some suggestions on how to change this behaviour.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Art from fabric - Just stunning.Truly.

Just look at this - no words needed apart from inspired fabric sculptor artist Benjamin Shine

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The elephant in the room

Marketing Murmur on diversity in our industry and that comment from Justin Tidall