Monday, November 12, 2018


This was posted over the weekend, just stunning work, beautiful idea that has real class. #HatTip

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Greggs You cheeky Monkey

When I saw this on my Twitter feed I laughed out loud. I think Greggs by doing this really plays to their strengths, they saw an opportunity to do a cheeky Christmas marketing stunt by flipping around its shop logo to capitalise on the popularity of Fenwick's famous Christmas window display opposite in Newcastle. Stroke of genius and hat tip to them as they have gained a lot of free media from the stunt, all positive I might add. To many brands now are to scared to do stuff like this, responses like; what would the customers think if we put our signage backwards? Where does it fit in with our marketing plan, and our 'brand playbook' we all follow doesn't show our signage flipped.
. Great stuff and might be the best piece of content created all Christmas for a retailer. The original post is here on Twitter with the video.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Trash Isle

Just amazing idea to bring about change

Google My Line

Living on a desert island and having super-fast internet – well that would be the dream! And with Google My Line, I will stay connected to the rest of the world. A beautiful idea using modern and old tech to make the internet more accessible.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Rapid Rescue

This is old but I love this idea, great ideas never die. (pun intended) Like the fact that this idea harnessing trained first aiders already out there, who in effect could respond quicker as they are nearer to the scene.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Insta Depressed

I saw this idea from WWF, called #TooLatergram caught my eye and I thought it was clever way to draw attention we are doing to the World we live in from crystal clear seas, to Alice In Wonderland Coral reefs and snow-topped glaciers covered in snowdrop coloured flowers. Through the lens of travel bloggers they truly look awe inspiring the locations just look like a place we all want to go. There lies the problem, as earth’s natural wonders have disappeared because of people. In this social activation WWF tries to engage millennials to take environmental action. They invited famous travel Instagramers to post images of international beauty spots as if they were paying them a visit. But thousands of followers who gushed over the pics discovered there was a bleak story behind the post. The sites had already been ruined and bloggers responded by posting a picture of the current situation at the same place. #TooLatergram well one thing it did for me is depressed me on what we have done, I clicked on the link at the end and as it was in French, didn't give me the option for English version and the site was pretty slick in interface, but that's it just information on the places and a newsletter sign-up, surely we should be doing something more? Pre-perpared letters to Govs? Protest? Not sure but it just felt a bit design and idea over end output. I go back to feeling miserable after watching this.