Monday, September 29, 2008

Runners come together

It's amazing the web, yes I know we can talk about all fancy websites, cool interfaces, slick animation, but for me nothing beats when real people from real communities come together and contribute to the web, that's what happened last week for one of our clients, Blackmores who are one of the major sponsors for the Sydney Running Festival, over 31,000 people came together and ran at the festival, and it really has that festival feel, from old to young no matter how fit you are it's about your best or as Blackmores like to put it: 'B your Best' .

People shared their experience by tagging their pictures with BSRF08 which was then streamed onto the official Blackmore's site:
over 7,000 'Challenges' were taken over the 8 week training program: that was tailored to your level of fitness, with training tips and recommended runs, you could even go round the course with our webcam that was condensed into a 5 minute time line:

Runners also who participated in the Sydney Running Festival were able to see
themselves cross the finish line by entering their bib number or name. They could also forward on their 'moment of glory' to their families and friends, a real Web 2.0 experience:

Ideas Ideas Ideas

One thing as a creative person you can never do is switch off when it comes to thinking of ideas, inspiration can come from anywhere, I always carry my camera and at least 4 pens,(just in case I run out of battery juice from the camera or one of the pens decides to run dry). I drive Paula my wife mad with the bits of paper with scribbles and notes to myself that she finds in my pockets, that's the joy of using a digital camera just shoot and squirt, upload onto your Flickr account and you have a reference that you can turn to when you need inspiration for that next campaign, I also like to call it 'mulling' my account manager likes to refer to it as; 'he's in la la land again' but that's what we do, we look at different ways that will capture people's attention, take these pictures I saw when I was wandering around in Melbourne, eye catching and could one day come in useful for an idea.