Thursday, December 11, 2008

Australian Sport's Commission Viral

The brief from the Australian Sport's Commission was to draw attention to the talent ID program which they set up to attract the next Australian Olympic champion for London 2012, get us noticed and get the message out there was the brief to us at Bullseye, one thing, when I looked at this brief and I knew that our audience was so competitive that beating the 'Poms' in their own back yard was to good to pass by. How do you reach and engage with this cycical group of 15 to 25 year old Aussies? Answer, get a Pom to have a go at them? In coming up with the idea I asked myself; 'was there a way that I could push the idea further?

For one I made sure the actor was English and my aim was to have his accent slightly out, all chavved up,I KNEW this would create a response back home, responses like: 'Them Aussies can't tell the difference between a Londoner and Northener', for me that was perfect, as the viral kept spreading, below is some PR, good or bad, I couldn't care less, it did its job, just on the video on the ASC site it had 400,000 hits within in a week!! and it's still rising (That doesn't include any uploads on the various YouTube sites and all the press coverage.
Below is just some of the press coverage, it even made the Sun Newspaper!

At the end of the day if the ASC get some Aussie kid come through the program that picks up an Olympic Gold medal in Straford, East London where I spent many an hour on a Sunday skateboarding in the late 70's,I'll be chuffed.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Agency Christmas Video

Yes it's that time of year and every creative hates, when your CEO walks in the office and says we need a digital Christmas card we've no money and even less time but as a creative you still have to produce the goods well in this instance it's a Bullseye Christmas Hamper but with a twist, I particularly liked the Twitter treats, it was a good laugh to shoot and I thought our actress was a great sport so hats off, credit also goes to Rod who did the colouring in Phon with the words and our actors (who weren't acting Dan and Colin, Dave N for getting all the flash to work and Phil K who is the master at getting the job done with a smile (I think he's going mad) and finally to Matt Clarke upstairs who directed it and did the voice over so to all of you out in web land Happy Christmas and whatever your aim have a successful New Year.