Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baa Baa HELP! Baa Baa

Passed my Bronze for Life Saving and my first rescue was a....sheep lovely Dee Murphy wrote this piece about the poor sheep who needed a surf rescue.

Sheep Rescue

Unnamed Government sources released a statement today in relation to the concerns raised over a covert operation in the locality of Stroud over the weekend.

It was made known that a rogue agent only known as “The Mosselly” defected to the other side was seen in hot pursuit, chasing silent operatives across hostile territory onto an remote island where the operative only known as “the sheep “ was stranded. Details remain rather woolly at this time.

Above picture illegally obtained said to be “The Mosselly”

It has been reported that a crack team under the leadership of Commander Kevin (no last names issued for security reasons) launched a covert rescue operation known as “Sheep Rescue ”.

The hand picked elite team assembled in the early hours of Sunday morning for a lengthy breakfast sorry briefing before the dangerous and daring rescue could take place.
Specialist equipment was brought in under the secrecy of night and taken from the barn in the early hours.

The elite special ops team headed off in to the wilderness under the guidance of Commander Kev .
It is also known that several undercover operatives came to assist one known as “The Buddy” or “The Sweeper” .The former code name due to his superficial attachments to anyone who will feed him.
““The Sweeper” kept the team safe by his constant surveillance during the dangerous time .As communication was on silent so not to cause distress to the agent being rescued.
As Commander Kev directed his team further coverts were activated from the field .It appears they came out of no where to offer support. They looked a lot like horses in blue jackets but I was informed by the unnamed source that these agents had been in deep undercover for sometime and are a crack squad whom are known to blend well with the scenery.
One was seen conversing with Major Beale at some length. They disappeared shortly after that.
Commander Kev and his specialty equipment was launched into icy, deathly waters with little concern for his own safety (watched closely by his loyal team) swam with gusto to rescue the stranded agent now known as only ewe”.

She was promptly lead to safety by the rest of the team for a debrief.
Brave Commander Kev who has been nominated for the Victoria Cross for his heroic efforts lead his team back to base for a debrief and celebratory drink. Which I believed carried on long into the night.

“ Ewe ” was unavailable for comment and I am informed has gone back to covert duties.
The rogue agent has since been decommissioned and returned to headquarters somewhere in Sydney.

An unnamed source deep within the Commanders camp has made serious allegations that “the Ewe:” was pregnant and Commander Kev was the father. He had informed his wife he was going on long recon missions and runs but has been rendezvousing with this agent “the Mossley”knew about it and was jealous hence the altercation.
Commander Kev wife did not want to comment but stated she had noticed some of her best underwear was missing and there were credit card statement for several 5* hotels , the finest French champagne and plates of very expensive grass.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TwoKevs shooting in SA

TwoKevs shooting in SA
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The boy still makes me laugh the Posh one with the cheap gags and aftershave

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spot the difference

Now this ad was done about 6 years ago for the Halifax Building Society I remember clearly(he was looking very smug) my then copywriter Kevin Morris (Posh Kev) picking up loads of awards for best copy at many international awards from One Show to Creative Circle so when I was running pass this poster on the Sydney Road I thought the ad was running over here, but alas no it's for the ING and instead of a silver haired old boy we have a ginger haired Scots man in Billy Connelly.

I'm bias but like most things I prefer the original, the gag was new then and the art direction was much cleaner.


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Eveytime I look at this I get a rush of calmness, wonderful how pictures like this can be so powerful.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So funny I had tears in my eyes

I watched this and as I was watching it I was laughing out loud to the point I had tears running down my cheek it then turned to real tears as all to many of us know this is exactly how some clients behave, they ask for everything but have only so much money to spend.

We can all work within tiny budgets if you are a good creative thinker you can get some great work done and to stand out the client has to be brave (Some of my most successful campaigns have been on a tight budget) but the difference between a good client and a bad one; the good client is realistic on what can be achieved and up front on the budget.

Everyone is happy and no tears before bedtime.

Quick question are you finding this is happening more during a recession or are clients more up front about the budget?