Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mix business with pleasure

Social media is a wonderful thing you can keep in contact with family and friends from afar, make some new ones, make friends you never knew you had and some you'd wish you never came across usually this is through Facebook with a dusting of YouTube, on the other side of the social media ladder we have the more business side which usually involves Linkedin and Twitter the same can be said of your business connections, some are worthwhile and good for your network, many are not like headhunters who use you and tap into your network (this is one of the reasons why I booted off most headhunters from my network as it was all one way).

But the question I wanted to ask and something that has happened to me over the last couple of months is that these social media channels are started to merge into one were family now sit happily along side a work colleague or do they? Is my sister in Ireland does she really give an arse if most Twitter users average age is 39 and are media influencers? The same can be said that a CEO of GSK is he really that interested that my sister in Ireland has had another baby and posted them up on Facebook?

I'm confused as to weather to keep the two channels separate or not but with Facebook especially it has become more business savvy in it's approach and took Twitter by its word and 'followed' them, what do you think? Do you keep the two channels separate? or as my sister in Ireland would say; Feck who gives an arse!

For me business social media is:

For pleasure
>Skype - Keep in contact with family in Ireland
>Mobile -SMS - ditto
>Private email/MSN Messenger

Business with Pleasure:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It depends how you look at

I saw this picture which reminded me when I was a junior art director, I remember I was sitting on a couch in the creative department and a brief came in were the project manager said there's a brief for Woolworths, the problem was, it was a small space ad and even smaller budget.

I remember the look of horror on one of the 'star award winning' creative’s who responded: 'You have to be F'king joking I can't do anything with that, the budget's crap and anyway they'll be doing a TV spot soon, so I'll work on that'

Now this was a turning point for me as I could have thought the same way, but at that stage of my career it wasn't really an option so I put my hand up and said I'll work on it, lots of glares from all the other creative’s followed. (I think I broke the creative code at that time which was don't be too keen. So hear I was, this eager grinning kid with his hand up offering to work on it.

I wasn't trying to impress, I just looked at it in a completely different way than the 'pros' at the time. To me this was a challenge, like a test to see if I could work in a more constrained environment.

The ad was produced and the following year I got my first creative circle award for a print ad for ‘best use of small space’ The idea was for blank cassette tapes(yes it was that long ago) and the idea? The ad was completely blank with a tiny headline that read: Blank tapes at Woolworths only 4.99.

Some things that I learned from this:
1: Always treat every job as an opportunity.
2: Never become complacent and keep the creative fire in your belly.
3: Learn the rules and then break them.
4: You can win awards with bugger all time and budget.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sexy Social Media Stats

Seen this and it looks beautiful wonderful design it was done by this mob not sure these figures are global but still pretty informative.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long live The Revolution

There’s been a revolution happening and it has been going on for sometime – it started off quietly but over the last two year's has gained a lot of momentum.

The revolution? Many companies are looking a lot closely on how they are perceived and the effects their products are having on the environment. Much of this has been driven by 'people power' with many online groups setting up fan pages or as I like to call them ‘ban pages’ and what a powerful force these communities have become.

Many companies have for sometime had polices in place but much of this was only really highlighted internally and never really pushed outside their own environmentally green walls. In Australia Westpac I can recall was one company who pushed that they're more than just a bank with an obligation to their customers but to the environment as well.

More recently I received via a follower on Twitter that Puma have announced they've redesigned the good old shoebox to save on the environment. The story is told via a video presentation on how Puma will make less impact (excuse the pun) on the environment because as we all know the shoe box once home goes straight into the bin or in my case saved for the kid’s next school project.

Yes I know many of you will be cynically towards many companies who in the past have had a bit of a checkered history when it comes to our environment and are now on the green bandwagon, but in reality who cares? We all know it’s a good thing, if they were forced, so what, the point is they've changed and if it makes the world a much nicer place to live in while wearing our Pumas, then as a man once said let it be as ultimately everyone wins.