Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holey Moley

I came across this site over the weekend it's a collective of over 2,300 photos of Moleskine sketchbooks that are participating in The Sketchbook Project, WOW! I love to see people's work and talent, especially when it's all in the one location. I was only just casually surfing and I ended up being on the site for nearly two hours, 'just one page' I kept saying to myself. The work was great and everyone had their own unique style from pen and ink to watecolour. I did wonder though that the project should have encouraged a lot more conversation between the viewer and the site itself, for example; an ability to rate drawings would be useful or even have a sketch face off between artists, sketch and upload your drawing then another artist has to follow on from there, you could have a whole Moleskine collection of sketch books that could be reprinted and sold. Ahhhh the trusted Moleskine sketchbook unlike my Visa card at the moment 'I never leave home without it' and not only that, everyone knows carrying a Moleskine sketchbook around also has that air of coolness, not that anyone says that but we all know baby.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Research but not as we know it Jim

Came across this the other day, Sodahead which I thought was really good way to reach real people in a way that is against the more traditional and sterile way ideas are judged, the dreaded 6 house wife's from Slough method where you sit behind a two way mirror and see if they like your idea or in most cases not all. They yabber on while sipping free cheap wine all supplied by the research house, don’t get me wrong I love gaining knowledge and understanding what people think but I found this site a better a gauge on what people really think regarding everything from their health to what they think of a particular brand, I’m hooked on this site, reading the responses is shall we say...very insightful.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sex and animals you can't go wrong really.Client: Wellington Zoos