Friday, June 10, 2016

Too Cool

Literally the coolest book ever. Breezing through the pages of this handy flip book offers the illusion of standing in front of a refreshing fan as it cycles back and forth. The idea is the first published book from a company called 72 and Sunny from their CD. (I'm guessing he or she is an art director?)As the writer would have dismissed in an instant as it's not available as an eBook. For me playful but practical. In my book always a good sign of an idea.Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Very Krafty

Towards the end of last year, Kraft decided to renove all articial flavours, perservatives and dyes from its popular Macaroni and Cheese product. But when Kraft informed its customers of the imminent change, it was met with strong resistance. Social media lit up with moans and complaints from fans saying they will stop eating the product if they change. Now for the Krafty bit; with advice from their agency CP&B - their response? Don't tell them!! So what did they do? So for 3 months around the end of 2015, Kraft quietly started selling the new product in the old packaging, and the changes was only announced in very small type on the packs. Kraft sold 50 million boxes, which is standard in 3 months, so no complaints, they then launched the campaign' We'd invite you to try it, but you already have' - the whole idea was don't advertise (How ironic coming from an ad agency) That’s what you call real problem solving in marketing - not trying to over analysis, or use tech for tech sake, or do a big old production number – it just comes down to one thing; smart thinking.