Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bang! Behavioural Targeting

I always knew behavioural targeting advertising works, why? because all the best work that has had the best response either through buying a product or getting a quote has come from ads I have done that is target specific, the last two campaigns for Blackmores and ANZ credit cards, the response rate was nearly 3 times higher than the average and it's a much more cost effective approach than the standard approach of 'spray and pray' which I personally hate.

One thing that was interesting was that targeted groups were willing to have their browsing history monitored so long as no personal details were stored.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Creative Revolution?

Read a blog on a new start up agency in the UK called The Creative Orchestra yes yet another company banging on about a new way of working with some bullshit bingo terminology we've heard numerous times before but, hang on a second; this outfit might be onto something and to start it up during a recession, only the brave or very stupid would venture to do this, me? I reckon it's the brave and I think it’s also a very wise move on their part, here's why it will work:

• Its aim is to change the way that creative’s are rewarded for their work as well as to bring on a new generation of diverse talent. (Agencies still give away one of their prize commodities, ideas at a drop of a hat.

• It will take on briefs across advertising, branding, design, digital and new product development from commercial and public sector clients and agencies but will not take part in pitches or give ideas away for free to commercial organisations, which it says devalues talent. (See above, how many times do we see companies just 'fishing'? usually for the agency it becomes a very expensive fishing trip).

• Rather than billing clients by time it will charge either by selling ideas in response to a brief or licensing its own ideas. Neat, clients do licensing deals on music, photography, illustration and models so why not for the advertising idea?

• In a recession this model will work as it stream lines the process of the idea to the client.

The founder Chris Arnold believes that Creative Orchestra will become one of the most important sources of new creative talent for the marketing industry within three years.

All well and good but the true test will be how to harness that creative passion and drive around a business model that will flourish for a client and the agency, now that's harmony.