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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mobile before and after shot

Isn't this a wonderful shot? A before and after photo of the iPhone, at first glance as a creative art director I admire the simplicity and clean interface of the iPhones compared of old, but something also struck me looking at this photo, they look rather boring and bland compared to the old versions, they looked like fun where as the new ones look a bit soulless. Where everyone copied Apple, they all now look like iPhones. No personality, same same which in marketing terms isn't a good thing to be labelled with. I understand it's the functionality that is what is going to set it apart but from a brand perspective you need to develop a creative strategy that tells the story of the phone, give it some personality, a human touch, that's what then set's them apart. Currently I couldn't tell the difference between a branded or content piece if it's from Samsung or Apple. Time to stand for something and stand out from the crowd me thinks in marketing terms.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Human Drone Snowboarder

With the help of Samsung and YouTube star Jesse Wellens of the channel PrankvsPrank, Neistat takes flight over a small Finnish ski village wait for a drone. Yes a drone that can actually pull and if needed lift a person off the ground. Good watchable content. While watching it got me thinking, this kit could one day be used in 'search and rescue'. I love tech when we start experimenting.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fav work to date

I love this solves so many problems on so many levels. So, what do we get when we buy a smartphone? Large touchscreen, OS with many apps on it, eventually a camera and a battery that have to be recharged every day or two. And, as we stated above, in a year or two arrives “better”, improved version, so you might be seduced to throw away your old smartphone and buy the latest one. But what if… your smartphone is fully customizable and you’re able to choose which component to upgrade or replace a broken component? Such concept called Phoneblok, I salute the inventors Dave Hakken