Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What were they thinking?

Watching the video of a passenger been randomly dragged of a United Airlines flight I was literally shell-shocked. Shocked how they treated the poor man and for the record he is a Doctor by trade not a madman who went crazy mid-flight. He was chosen, as they needed the space, as they were over-booked!!! Shocked too in the age of ‘live’ broadcast what was the staff thinking? It’s a PR nightmare and I find it amazing that brands invest millions in marketing campaigns but how much staff get trained in dealing with customers? I reckon looking at this, nothing. I bet they now wish they had a time machine and could turn back the clock.


http://alphafitness.be/blogs/post/571 said...

I have read about this incident and it is indeed a shocking incident. How the airlines can behave in such a brutal way with the passengers who have paid them the ticket to travel.

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That is one news which got viral over the social media and seriously not a good stuff from united airlines. I have not idea what were they thinking but they need to take strict action on it