Monday, April 17, 2017

Google Deck On What US Kids Think Is Coolio

Found this piece of research produced by Google looking at what US kids think what are cool brands, I love the layout for starters but also what I like about this they don't just give you a top ten cool brands but they breakdown the demographic, sample and more importantly what defies 'cool' very cool and informative, no real surprises in the top 10 as beforehand I asked my daughter who said YouTube and screamed I loooove YT and Pewdiepie who has has 54 million subscribers. One surprise that I did notice was 'least cool' was RedBull and Apple, high in awareness, but not cool? Maybe now 'try hard' Overall this deck is Lit as my kids say.


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you can not just add any brands in a top 10 of what is cool, i don't think it will be objective, anyway a good read!

paddle boards said...

Youtube and many other social media sites has made the video makers job interesting. I am glad to see the ranking. A kid is on top 10 because of the huge followers. It could be possible now.